A2: Food

Writing on her blog, local food entrepreneuer Maite Zubia describes how she felt seeing her cookies featured on TV this week: “My heart almost dropped when I saw my Maitelates Alfajores featured in the center of the CBS Early Morning Show table on Tuesday, as they displayed online Valentine’s gifts. All of these images came to my mind at once: I thought about the moments when I used to watch my relatives stirring the pot of hot sugary milk; I thought of all those hours in the kitchen by myself baking, dipping, and wrapping; I thought of the people supporting this dream of becoming a real ALFAJORIER (yes, I’ve invented the word for what I am!); I thought of the day my first cookie was sold (to Rebecca!) at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market; I thought of my family; I was just happy. Wow!” [Source]