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    The fire hydrants received some air time at the DDA meeting on Nov. 3. The DDA meeting report from last week originally included a passage mentioning them, but was inadvertently left out of the final report:

    Fifth and Division: Fire Hydrants

    Besides the underground parking structure construction, the other major project the DDA is working on is the Fifth and Division street improvements. Splitt reported that construction on the project is 85% complete. Leah Gunn said she thought the new fire hydrants in front of the fire station along Fifth Street were “great.” Susan Pollay indicated that they’d been sourced with the help of the new fire chief, Dominick Lanza, and Mike Bergren, a former city employee in the field services unit who not works for Park Avenue Consulting, which is helping to manage the Fifth and Division project. Pollay described how the fire hydrants were part of an effort to establish some sense of the firefighters’ commitment to their job. There will also be some pieces of granite installed, one of which will commemorate fallen firefighters. The “plasticky” looking red sign will also be replaced, Pollay said.

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    …and apologies, that’s *North* 5th Ave.