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It is my understanding that there is no material dispute that Lourdes Salazar Bautista and her spouse had entered the U.S. illegally and that her husband had agreed to go back to Mexico voluntarily and did so awhile back. She has stayed in the U.S. with her children who are now separated from their father.

She has only been granted a one-year “delay” of deportation. No court has found, to my information, any merit to any argument that she is not subject to deportation.

Thousands of Mexican citizens are on a waiting list to enter the United States as legal immigrants and it is inequitable if we give preference to those who may have entered illegally by not deporting then in an expeditious manner.

Our nation’s immigration laws are peculiarly within the ambit of jurisdiction of the federal government. It is wholly inappropriate for a City Council to intercede in a deportation proceeding.

Ann Arbor City Council should not exercise any political influence to assist any immigrant to stay in the United States who the courts have already ruled is subject to deportation.