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At the March 18 meeting, Taylor had proposed some amendments to the moratorium resolution – which was modified at that meeting to eliminate the imposition of a moratorium and instead simply directed zoning review, with the scope and timeline to come forth at the council’s April 1 meeting. So Taylor’s proposed amendments on March 18 about the scope of work were scrapped on that occasion. Taylor was not actually present at the April 1 meeting, but the resolution giving scope and timeline was co-sponsored by Taylor, Briere and Higgins, and specifies just areas currently zoned D1:

RESOLVED, That City Council requests the City Planning Commission to specifically address these issues:
(i) whether D1 zoning is appropriately located on the north side of Huron Street between Division and S. State and the south side of William Street between S. Main and Fourth Avenue;
(ii) whether the D1 residential FAR premiums effectively encourage a diverse downtown population; and
(iii) consider a parcel on the south side of Ann St. adjacent to north of city hall that is currently zoned D1 to be rezoned to the appropriate zoning for this neighborhood; and

RESOLVED, That City Council requests that Planning Commission complete its review and report to the City Council by October 1, 2013.

Deliberations at the council meeting included inquiries to city planning manager Wendy Rampson about how constrained the planning commission might feel by the scope of work outlined in the resolution. She indicated that time constraints would lead first just to consideration of the exact scope of work in the resolution, but to the extent time allowed she thought the planning commission would feel it had the latitude to explore other issues.

Also, if there are any areas identified by planning commission that should not be D1, then I’d guess the logical alternative would be D2.

In that context, I wouldn’t consider the “D1/D2 review” gloss to be completely at odds with the council’s direction. But I do think it was the intent of the whole council not to start with the sum of all the D1 or D2 areas – which would have essentially asked for a review of the entire Ann Arbor Discovering Downtown (A2D2) process. That took something like four years. Taylor might well have have been a real champion for that narrowing of the focus in the collaboration between him, Higgins and Briere that led to the resolution – but my read of the council at the meeting on April 1 was that no one at the table was really keen to review all of A2D2.

By: John Floyd John Floyd Sun, 28 Apr 2013 19:27:54 +0000 Sabra referred to the intended review of “D1/D2 zoning. I thought the review had been restricted to only
D1, at the request of Chris Taylor.