Comments on: Column: Gordon Gee’s Greatest Gaffes it's like being there Tue, 16 Sep 2014 04:56:38 +0000 hourly 1 By: Rod Johnson Rod Johnson Sun, 09 Jun 2013 13:37:03 +0000 I’m sure Gee will land on his feet and be back to sucking up to rich people, raising the salaries of administrators, fighting unionization, cutting arts funding, selling off science programs, and spending egregious amounts of money on his personal lifestyle soon if he wants.

By: BenW BenW Sat, 08 Jun 2013 01:25:25 +0000 First “gaffe” is clearly talking about a moral victory.
Gee wasn’t the first person to liken bad teams to little sisters of the poor. Here’s someone using it in 2008 –
You THINK he meant he hopes Tressel doesn’t fire him. I think you’re wrong and exaggerating. The rest of your article helps this case.
I never served in the Polish Army, but I don’t see why that’s offensive, unless the Polish Army is known for having many branches and having that lead to its downfall? Probably his most offensive comment of the lot though.
Really? THAT’s an insult to Delaney? Basically -We need to keep our universities finances in order while we admire and support him. We want the Big 10 to expand but not at our financial expense. Reading the entire quote and looking at context is key.
He said Louisville didn’t match the B1g 10′s academic integrity. Was he wrong? Not if you ask US News and World Report – B1G teams (including Maryland and Rutgers) average ~62 nationally. Rutgers is worst at 115. Louisville sits at 160. Kentucky is 125.
His comment about the SEC was in response to people supporting the SEC saying that the Big 10 can’t count because they’ll have 14 members and are still called the Big 10. Math jab countered with literacy jab. Both clearly jokes. Not a big deal. Context still key.
You gave more context with the Notre Dame thing, but you don’t seem to understand it, let me help. The people who are in charge of Notre Dame are first and foremost identified as religious leaders. Even though they have doctorates they go by Reverend or Father. Gee has negotiated with these specific Catholics, and if anyone is qualified to say someone representing a notoriously difficult to negotiate with group is “holy hell” why wouldn’t it be someone who has continuously been trying to negotiate them?
Surprised you didn’t add in and try to twist his quoting someone talking bad about Bielema or his factual, unofficial explanation as to why Cincinnati wasn’t a candidate for the B1G (which includes, “We love Cincinnati as a city).
People like you are the reason Gee is out of a job. I’m sure you’re satisfied.