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Fifth & Huron Comments (0)

City of Ann Arbor chief financial officer Tom Crawford delivers FY 2015 budget books (three-ring binders) to mailboxes of city councilmembers. City administrator Steve Powers will be making his budget presentation to the council at tonight’s meeting, which starts at 7 p.m. [photo] [For a preview of the budget, see "FY 2015 Budget Preview: Cops, Trees"]

Main & William Comments (0)

Workers crawling atop the roof of 330 S. Main, pulling off shingles and throwing them onto a tarp on the ground in front of the building, next to Prickly Pear. [photo] [photo]

South Fifth Avenue Comments (0)

South Fifth Avenue, from Liberty to Library Lane, was closed to traffic as several fire engines and emergency vehicles responded to a car fire in the underground parking structure. Shot taken from the roof of the Fourth & William parking garage shows people milling around, waiting for the all-clear sign so that they can get to their cars. [photo] [photo]

W. Stadium & Liberty Comments (0)

Young man standing on the sidewalk along West Stadium, struggling against the strong wind to hold up a cardboard sign advertising a skateboard sale.

Fourth & William Comments (0)

Washtenaw County board of commissioners chair Yousef Rabhi pulls in on his scooter. Green high top tennis shoes and a fist that appeared to be still glowing after bumping it with POTUS last Wednesday.

Second & Liberty Comments (0)

Industrial-sized dumpster in front of the former gas station. Looks like the building may be preparing for major renovation/demolition? Something is afoot! [According to Anna Ercoli Schnitzer in a previous S.W. item, the future of the building is as a store to sell local vegetables.]

Fifth & Huron Comments (0)

Curved walkway over the rain garden is closed off with yellow “caution” tape. Queries of city staff yielded explanation: Freezing rain was causing the surface to be slippery. [Current temperature 36 F.]

Packard & State Comments (0)

Hare Krishnas singing, chanting and dancing in front of R.U.B. BBQ on the corner of Packard & State, while President Obama is speechifying nearby in the intramural building on Hoover!

UM IM Sports Building Comments (6)

[As the president was passing,] I said I ran and won. Immediately Obama stopped, and started talking to me, congratulated me … it was just unbelievable. [photo] (Photo credit Daniel Wasserman)

Platt & Ellsworth Comments (0)

Wind gusts strong enough to blow over a bicycle trailer stacked with styrofoam and empty gallon bleach bottles. Nothing injured except pride.

Pine Valley Comments (0)

Thinking the loud popping noises we heard last night at 2 a.m. in Pine Valley neighborhood were probably small weapons fire.

Carpenter & Washtenaw Comments (1)

There appears to be a water main break on Carpenter near Washtenaw. Construction zone by Palm Palace. AAPD says township is on it.