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Main & William Comments (0)

Workers crawling atop the roof of 330 S. Main, pulling off shingles and throwing them onto a tarp on the ground in front of the building, next to Prickly Pear. [photo] [photo]

South Fifth Avenue Comments (0)

South Fifth Avenue, from Liberty to Library Lane, was closed to traffic as several fire engines and emergency vehicles responded to a car fire in the underground parking structure. Shot taken from the roof of the Fourth & William parking garage shows people milling around, waiting for the all-clear sign so that they can get to their cars. [photo] [photo]

W. Stadium & Liberty Comments (0)

Young man standing on the sidewalk along West Stadium, struggling against the strong wind to hold up a cardboard sign advertising a skateboard sale.

Fourth & William Comments (0)

Washtenaw County board of commissioners chair Yousef Rabhi pulls in on his scooter. Green high top tennis shoes and a fist that appeared to be still glowing after bumping it with POTUS last Wednesday.

Second & Liberty Comments (0)

Industrial-sized dumpster in front of the former gas station. Looks like the building may be preparing for major renovation/demolition? Something is afoot! [According to Anna Ercoli Schnitzer in a previous S.W. item, the future of the building is as a store to sell local vegetables.]

Fifth & Huron Comments (0)

Curved walkway over the rain garden is closed off with yellow “caution” tape. Queries of city staff yielded explanation: Freezing rain was causing the surface to be slippery. [Current temperature 36 F.]

Packard & State Comments (0)

Hare Krishnas singing, chanting and dancing in front of R.U.B. BBQ on the corner of Packard & State, while President Obama is speechifying nearby in the intramural building on Hoover!

UM IM Sports Building Comments (6)

[As the president was passing,] I said I ran and won. Immediately Obama stopped, and started talking to me, congratulated me … it was just unbelievable. [photo] (Photo credit Daniel Wasserman)

Platt & Ellsworth Comments (0)

Wind gusts strong enough to blow over a bicycle trailer stacked with styrofoam and empty gallon bleach bottles. Nothing injured except pride.

Pine Valley Comments (0)

Thinking the loud popping noises we heard last night at 2 a.m. in Pine Valley neighborhood were probably small weapons fire.

Carpenter & Washtenaw Comments (1)

There appears to be a water main break on Carpenter near Washtenaw. Construction zone by Palm Palace. AAPD says township is on it.

Washington & Main Comments (0)

Young man collecting signatures on nominating petitions for Tamara Garwood, who’s running for the Washtenaw County probate judgeship that will be vacated by judge Nancy Wheeler. He says it takes 2,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot.