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Washington & First Comments (3)

The sidewalk on the south side of Washington between First and Ashley is finally open. No more detouring around the apartment building construction.

512 E. Huron Comments (0)

After a year, First Baptist Church finally has its new slate roof and copper cornices, gutters and downspouts completed.  This 1880 building is the church’s third location since its founding in 1827. [photo]

512 E. Huron Comments (0)

Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority finds a solution all by itself. [Bus with ad wrap: "Solutions" on a tow truck.] [photo]

Second & Liberty Comments (0)

Argus Farm Stop gets sign painted. Projector mounted on top of SUV throws image on the wall and Mary Thiefels is painting it. [photo 1] [photo 2] Opening mid-August.

First & Liberty Comments (0)

Blank Slate Creamery features chalk-writeable surfaces on tables, walls and counters. Tic-tac-toe [photo] and “I have never been this happy” [photo]. Owner reported that part of the challenge to transitioning from small batch production to larger batches is getting the chemistry right in the recipe. More sugar in larger batches.

W. Stadium near Liberty Comments (1)

Visually-impaired pedestrian with guide dog walking into one of a series of sandbag-anchored construction signs blocking sidewalk on east side of street.

Second & Liberty Comments (2)

Met Laura of Argus Farm Stop, who was in the middle of coloring in the sandwich board sign outside the shop. [photo] Preparation continues for the opening in August. Inventory will include meat, eggs, and locally roasted coffee. Corn “hair” on the roof has not yet tasseled out.

UM Diag Comments (0)

Protest against violence in Gaza begins on the University of Michigan Diag and heads towards intersection of N. University and State Street. Chant: “Boycott Israel, Stop Bombing Gaza.” [photo 1] [photo 2]

First & Liberty Comments (3)

Blank Slate is closed because they have run out of ice cream (wiped clean) and are “furiously working to make more.” Store will reopen in a few days.  They thank their customers for their support.

Fifth & Huron Comments (0)

Second floor of city hall building. Sign next to drop-off slot for absentee ballots includes instruction for those who are dropping off Ward 3 ballots to check with clerk’s staff. Here’s why: [link] [photo]

Newport & Riverwood Comments (0)

The fix is in. Sidewalk being built on the west side of Newport, creating a safe walkway for kids from the Riverwood and Newport Creek subdivisions to Wines Elementary and Forsythe Middle School. [photo]

First & Liberty Comments (1)

Approximately 60-70 people lined up for service at noon at Blank Slate Creamery’s opening day beginning 11:30 a.m. Only 3 cars in the parking lot speaks well for local interest.  I didn’t wait.