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Gott & Hiscock

Khalid Hanifi and George Bedard (and the rest of the band) playing a great set in front of a large crowd at the Water Hill Music Fest. [photo]

Summit & Miner

The crowds for Brennan Andes Family Band at The Waterhill Music Festival were at least 500 people. [photo 1] [photo 2] Even the strollers were crowded out front. [photo 3] Fans filled the whole huge back yard. Success! They were great!


Water Hill Festival. Chris Buhalis responds to my kidding by kidding back: “Get outta my yard!” Summarizing for onlookers what you need to worry about with journalists, he notes you don’t need to watch what you say, just “make sure they don’t steal anything.” Looking forward to Woody Guthrie tunes from Buhalis over the next half hour.