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AAPS Amends 2012-13 Budget by $2.5M

Following a sobering second quarter financial report, the AAPS board amended the general appropriations act and approved the second quarter disbursements. The formal amendment to the budget was made at the board’s March 13, 2013 meeting.

The second quarter financial report shows the projected revenue will be approximately $1,088,000 lower than expected. The decrease is due to adjustments of the number of budgeted general fund FTEs to the audited student account, along with other reductions.

The expenditure budget will be approximately $1,394,758 higher than originally projected. The increase is due to an $894,758 increase for an additional 24 teacher assistant FTEs and a $500,000 adjustment to basic programs for projected substitute teacher costs.

The board initially heard the second quarter financial report at … [Full Story]