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Barricade, possibly ready for action for Midnight Madness next weekend, still has added signage from its last deployment: “Pathway Closed at Dam for Maintenance.” [photo]

Drainage Blanket Funded for Barton Dam

Catskill Remedial Contracting Services Inc. will install a “drainage blanket” for the earthen berm adjoining Barton Dam under a contract with the city worth $123,685. Ann Arbor city council action to approve the contract came at its Nov. 7, 2013 meeting.

A drainage blanket is a pervious but stable layer of material installed directly at the base of a structure to facilitate drainage. The installation is meant to repair a “boil” that has surfaced in the drainage ditch at the base of the right embankment at the dam. The boil has been identified as a potential cause of failure for the embankment by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – which is responsible for regulating the dam, because the dam generates … [Full Story]