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Liberty & Ashley

Truckbed of Downtown Home & Garden’s red pickup is filled with snow – presumably not for sale. [photo]

Ashley & Liberty

Downtown Home & Garden is having the most fun with some pretty calm farm animals. [photo 1][photo 2]. They were also sharing free roasted chestnuts. It was indeed madness downtown but with music, crowds, and stores doing what they could to lure people in with bargains. Kindlefest at Kerrytown was also crowded and lots of vendors in the Farmers Market space.

Ashley & Liberty

Sarah and the other Downtown Home and Garden crew have moved aside the bulbs and were busy unwrapping Christmas ornaments. It is almost the season. The whole front barn area was cordoned off as they worked. [photo]

A2: Business

Mark Hodesh, owner of Downtown Home & Garden in Ann Arbor, is featured in a Forbes magazine column about how to grow a business while respecting the historic integrity and character of the building where it’s located. In the case of Hodesh, it’s through ventures like Mark’s Carts and Bill’s Beer Garden. From the column: “With a little bit of innovation and a focused vision, Hodesh has been able to pull off growth through what he calls a ‘non-building way to develop.’ And best of all, that development happened without having to abandon the heart and soul of Downtown Home & Garden. In fact, the new businesses have not only created new revenue in and of themselves, … [Full Story]

Liberty & Ashley

At a Ward 5 town hall at Downtown Home & Garden, Mark Hodesh shows a photo of the location about two decades ago, when two large billboards were located at that corner. The main topic of the town hall – held by Ward 5 councilmembers Chuck Warpehoski and Mike Anglin – was proposed revisions to the city’s sign ordinance. [photo]

A2: Bill’s Beer Garden

A post on Discover Michigan features Bill’s Beer Garden, located in the courtyard of Downtown Home & Garden in Ann Arbor: “This is the type of beer place parents can bring their kids to and not feel weird about it. This is a place to simply bring one’s child, hang out with your friends, take in the sunshine, and people watch.” The beer garden opens for the season on May 2. [Source]

Meeting Watch: Council Caucus (30 Nov. 2008)

Six councilmembers braved the frozen slurry coating the streets and still falling from the sky on Sunday to hear a preview of two planning-related agenda items from interested parties: City Apartments site plan, and City Place PUD rezoning petition. They also heard commentary from the public on a third agenda item: the $411,003 amendment to the contract with the architect for the new police-courts facility. In addition, they received a request for recognition of an upcoming vigil for human rights. Among themselves, councilmembers also discussed the protocol for proclamations, and the need to give due attention to the funding of an animal control officer as budget discussions begin in the new year. [Full Story]