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Esch Park

Esch Park basketball court is being torn out by little backhoes.

Esch Park

An excellent fireworks show at Esch Park lasting at least an hour. A wide selection of things of various colors that sparkled, whistled and/or exploded in the sky. It has become sort a neighborhood tradition. Thanks to those responsible for a great show. Unofficially, of course.

Contract for Esch Park Upgrades OK’d

Ann Arbor park advisory commissioners have recommending approval of a $39,219 contract with D&J Contracting for improvements to the 4.5-acre Esch Park, located off Fenwick between Packard and Eisenhower Parkway on the city’s south side. PAC voted on the item at its Feb. 26, 2013 meeting. The contract would include a 10% construction contingency of $3,922, bringing the total project to $43,141.

The city received 12 bids on the project, which entails repairing an asphalt walk and game court, adding pathways to the playground that will make the area compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and installing picnic tables, benches and shade trees. The bids ranged from a high of $106,904 by DRV Contractors to the lowest bid, which came … [Full Story]