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More City Vehicle Purchases OK’d

In three separate resolutions, the purchase of two forklifts, a Chevrolet Impala for use by police detectives, and a lease for golf carts have been approved by the Ann Arbor city council.

The council’s action, on March 17, 2014 came after approving 18 replacement vehicles on March 3 and several pieces of basic equipment on Feb. 18.

The two Clark C30 forklifts will be used at the city’s materials recovery facility (MRF) and cost a total of $55,268. The forklifts will replace two that are currently being rented at a cost of $12,000 a year. The city is calculating that the purchase cost will be covered by savings in rental costs in 2.3 years.

The police detective vehicle – a Chevrolet Impala … [Full Story]

Park Commission OKs Golf Cart Lease

An amendment to a two-year golf cart lease with Pifer Inc. was recommended for approval at the Feb. 25, 2014 meeting of the Ann Arbor park advisory commission. The agreement would increase the original number of 65 leased carts by 34 carts, for a total of 99 carts. The city leases golf carts from Pifer for the Huron Hills and Leslie Park golf courses.

The lease amendment would be for two years, for an amount not to exceed $50,340 over the length of the lease amendment term. Funding for FY 2014 would come from the parks and recreation services general fund and would be in the proposed budget for FY 2015, according to a staff memo. In FY 2013, the city generated about $225,000 in … [Full Story]

Parks Group Explores New Dog Park Site

Ann Arbor park advisory commission meeting (Feb. 26, 2013): An item generating the most discussion at this month’s PAC meeting related to two potential locations for a new fenced-in dog park: about 2 acres in and near South Maple Park, on the city’s west side off of West Liberty; and a roughly 1-acre section of West Park, on a knoll in the south-central area.

West Park, dog park, Ann Arbor park advisory commission, The Ann Arbor Chronicle

Aerial map showing a possible location – the purple trapezoid outline – for a dog park in West Park. The image is oriented with south at the top. North Seventh Street runs on the right side of this image, on the west side of the park. (Map by city staff, included in the park advisory commission’s meeting packet.)

No action was taken, and a PAC committee will continue to evaluate these options with parks staff before making a formal recommendation to the full commission. The previously recommended site – at a different location within West Park, near the parking lot off Chapin Street – was ultimately not presented to the city council, following protests from the nearby New Hope Baptist Church.

Another PAC committee, focused on developing recommendations for a possible downtown park, gave only a brief update. Its next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 5. However, commissioners heard from four people during public commentary who advocated for a new park atop the city’s Library Lane underground parking structure on South Fifth Avenue. Part of the commentary covered a proposal to build a temporary ice-skating rink on that site.

Commissioners also recommended approval of several contracts totaling over $180,000. The contracts cover landscaping work at multiple locations, golf cart leases, custodial work at Cobblestone Farm, renovations at Esch Park, and rental of an overflow parking lot for the Argo canoe livery. The landscaping work is being funded through a donation from the Henrietta Feldman Trust.

And in his monthly report, parks and recreation manager Colin Smith informed commissioners about a strategy the city is pursuing to deal with invasive aquatic plants – primarily Eurasian watermilfoil – at Geddes Pond. [Full Story]

City Golf Cart Leases Approved

A two-year contract for leasing golf carts was recommended for approval by the Ann Arbor park advisory commission at its Feb. 26, 2013 meeting. The contract with Pifer Inc. – for up to $40,260 – covers the leasing of 65 golf carts for the 2013 and 2014 seasons, with an option to renew for 2015. The carts will be used at Huron Hills and Leslie Park golf courses.

PAC also recommended authorizing the sale of 24 city-owned golf carts to the company. That sale is a trade-in of carts that are no longer suitable to rent, and will be used to offset the lease.

The city received four bids for this contract, from Club Car-Midwest Golf & Turf; Ellis Sales Inc.; Michigan … [Full Story]