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First & Liberty

Blank Slate Creamery features chalk-writeable surfaces on tables, walls and counters. Tic-tac-toe [photo] and “I have never been this happy” [photo]. Owner reported that part of the challenge to transitioning from small batch production to larger batches is getting the chemistry right in the recipe. More sugar in larger batches.

First & Liberty

Blank Slate is closed because they have run out of ice cream (wiped clean) and are “furiously working to make more.” Store will reopen in a few days.  They thank their customers for their support.

First & Liberty

Approximately 60-70 people lined up for service at noon at Blank Slate Creamery’s opening day beginning 11:30 a.m. Only 3 cars in the parking lot speaks well for local interest.  I didn’t wait.

First & Liberty

Sign for Blank Slate Creamery in front of empty storefront at the northwest corner of First & Liberty. Work crew say it’ll open this summer. [photo]

One Sure Sign of Spring

Yes, thats a line outside the Dairy Queen on West Stadium Boulevard.

Yes, that's a line outside the Dairy Queen on West Stadium Boulevard. The store opened for the season on Tuesday, when temps hovered below 30 degrees.

Every year, the staff at the Dairy Queen on West Stadium Boulevard looks forward to seeing their regulars: Medium Twist Man, Moolatte Lady (a postal worker who stops buy every weekday and buys the same frozen coffee drink each time), Hot Dad (who makes the college-age staff swoon) and the Cocoa Fudge Family.

On a bitter cold Tuesday afternoon – opening day of the season – the regulars hadn’t shown up yet, but about 30 other customers had. Owner Diane Kerr wasn’t surprised by the turnout, despite temps in the 20s. “It doesn’t matter what the temperature is,” she says, “as long as the sun is shining.”

Clearly, there’s anticipation: The Chronicle was alerted by two Stopped.Watched items about the opening of this West Stadium store, as well as the DQ on Packard. As one Stopped.Watcher said: “Spring is coming!” [Full Story]