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Third & Washington

A sheet hung between two trees, plus a cookout in progress, means it’s outdoor movie night at the house across from the YMCA.

W. Washington & Third

Bruce Lee movie being projected onto what looks like a large sheet hung over a rope between two trees, in front of a house across from the Y. Fight scene elicits cheers of support – “Go, Bruce! Kick some ass!” – from people watching in the yard. [photo]

If Chelsea Were China, There’d Be More Media

Betty Anne Waters Ann Arbor Area Filming

"Betty Anne Waters" filming in Chelsea. (Photos courtesy of Qin Li)

Filming of the movie “Betty Anne Waters” continued in the environs of Ann Arbor this week. The Chronicle was not out in Chelsea to see it for ourselves, but resident Qin Li emailed some photos and called in a report from her family’s encounter with the movie crew. She and her husband, Vinay Joneja, and son, Dave (five years old), enjoyed a pleasant day of shooting with their house as the backdrop.

In the scene, Betty – played in the movie by Hilary Swank – drives up and picks up two kids from the house. In response to our question, Qin Li said there was no crying or yelling, or high drama involved. [Full Story]

Column: Fifth & Madison Movie Production

traffic control cone

Pedestrian traffic control cone, movie-set style.

The movie “Betty Anne Waters” has widely been reported to tell the true story of a woman who puts herself through law school to prove the innocence of her brother, who’s been wrongly convicted of murder – hence the name of the local company formed to produce the move, Innocence Productions.

But based on the one scene The Chronicle saw filmed Thursday morning, this movie might just be about football. The evidence, which I humbly submit for our readers’ consideration, is a shot in which a young boy stands in the front yard of a house, waves towards it and says, “Mom, let’s go, we’re going to miss the kickoff!” [Full Story]