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Hill & Washtenaw

More romantic messages. The Rock is painted white, with lavender lettering on one side that says: “Lauren, you reflect me….” [photo] On the other side: “I love that about U.” [photo]

Sky over Old West Side

Low flying plane with a banner reading “I trust you Joe (heart) snowflake” – now you know there must be a back story to this.

Column: Putting the L in Valentine’s Day

Jo Mathis

Jo Mathis

Ghazi Abuhouleh is one smart man.

I spotted the Ypsilanti resident Friday morning carefully choosing a romantic valentine for his wife, Dalal. And this was after he’d bought her a diamond ring, as well. Though he’s been married less than two years, he knows the No. 1 rule of Valentine’s Day: This is not the time to be practical.

“I don’t buy that boring stuff,” said Abuhouleh, who opts instead for perfume, a pretty blouse, or jewelry.

Some guys, however, have a practical streak. And some guys shop for practical women who’ve told them not to spend money this year on chocolates (the calories!), flowers or jewelry.

Some of these men will be tempted to make a mistake on Sunday, and I feel it’s my duty to warn them. Men: If you plan to give your woman anything that is associated with a chore, save it for another day. [Full Story]