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Ann Arbor to Buy More Road Salt

The Ann Arbor city council will be considering a resolution at its Feb. 18, 2014 meeting to purchase additional ice-control salt. Based on the $47,200 amount to be appropriated, and the $36.23 price per ton, the council will be authorizing the purchase of roughly 1,300 tons of additional salt.

A city staff estimate provided to The Chronicle puts the amount of salt used so far this season – through early February – at about 6,600 tons. That’s roughly at least as much or more than has been used in each of the previous five winter seasons. If the city uses all of the additional salt to be purchased – bringing this season’s total to about 7,900 tons – that would approach the … [Full Story]

721 N. Main

A modest pile of salt/sand remains at 721 N. Main, but it’s mostly sand. A stout shovel is mandatory. [photo] [The material is free to residents from the city of Ann Arbor, up to a 5-gallon limit.]