Archive for May, 2008

Liberty & Maynard

guy playing flute in the alley next to Michigan Theater; good sound provided by the walls

Platt & Ellsworth

Nathan at Recycle Facility at Platt and Ellsworth says he’s done 4000 miles on his bike in the last 18 months

5th & Liberty

handwritten sign on top of blue trash bin: “Please do not dispose of your animal waste or other garbage in my bin.”

Liberty & Murray

Liz was pedaling Reuben Chapman’s old Japanese three-wheeler up Liberty; RC used to run a delivery service back in the 70′s with it

4th & Liberty

according to hot dog vendor outside Federal Building, a good day for the stand would be around 200 dogs sold

Liberty & Ashley

sidewalk chat, Old Town’s Chris Palwicki Pawlicki says, “Bio-fuel, heck yeah, I’m just waiting for s.o. to come get my fry oil!! I’ll give it away!”

Liberty & 3rd

Jason DeCamillis of the band Starling Electric walking west on Liberty St. reports that they signed with a label to be released towards fall

7th & Liberty

former publisher of Agenda doing some free-lance photography work on Liberty

1st & Jefferson

3-year old rain garden on 1st Street has inspired across-the-street neighbor to dig her own; digging through layer of cinders is challenge

Liberty & Ashley

T. Casey Brennan at Fleetwood Diner says, “Good to see you, comrade!”

S. Industrial & Astor

Dan, a Produce Station patron, says he wants to start a pedi-cab business in Ann Arbor, but there’s ordinances preventing it

Liberty & Main

license plate on hearse downtown on Liberty St.: GRAK

7th & Stadium

public art previously displayed in front of Larcom Building is now displayed in front yard of bright yellow house near Stadium Blvd on 7th St.

4th & Liberty

corner of Fed Building at 4th and Liberty St. large group of teen boys trying to sing Beach Boys; nobody knew words after C’mon Pretty Mama

5th & William

downtown P.O.; YMCA demolition crew gave some plain glass blocks to P.O. worker; worker will send to friend in KY who used to work at Y bldg

Ashley & Liberty

Erdos2 license plate heading west on Liberty St. at Fleetwood Diner; assume he wrote a paper with a guy who wrote a paper with Erdos

Fuller & Huron

at rain barrel pickup, HRWC asked Asked Voters First to stop using the pickup as a venue to petition signatures