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5th & William

Old YMCA lot is now denuded of the protective fencing; gravel and lightposts lying horizontal, waiting to be erected

4th & Liberty

bike mounted policeman says cyclists who get tickets from him really have to ‘earn’ it; bike is actually just an option for assigned area

5th & William

Old YMCA location getting prepped for conversion to temporary (hopefully) surface parking; giant gravel; concrete bases for light posts

Eberwhite & Elder

small-size new brown compost cart out by curb with sign “Return”; wonder what was wrong; ordered wrong size? delivered wrong size? ugly?

1st & Liberty

met the woman who tends some flowers by railroad track at First and Liberty; she has a permit from the Railroad; she was planting seeds

Washinton & Main

bicycle mounted HVA paramedics with saddlebags containing full kits; every Fri, Sat in downtown; for transport can call motorized ambulance

Liberty & Stadium

auto broken down at Arbor Farms; driver strategy: brother will hop on bus, bring cash for part at Murray’s across street; AATA FTW!

Eberwhite & Lutz

chatted w/ door-to-door magazine salesman; good day is 7-10 subs sold; various bonuses; every day, first door of the a.m. always hardest

Liberty & Division

TCF Bank downtown has goldfish?? at each teller station; not the job of the teller to care and feed;

1st & Madison

Washtenaw Dairy sign: The Milk Can is full; this means registration for the golf tournament is full; rotating trophy is milk can

Liberty and Ashley

Mark Hodesh at Downtown Home & Garden related a poignant story about a woman and a giant ball of string; I was buying a ball of string;

Liberty & Ashley

Wally Herrala spotted running past Fleetwood; stopped for chat; Wally is one of the fastest milers nationwide in his age group (4:30 or so)

Platt & Packard

corner of Platt and Packard: Community Standards guy with a measuring stick determining height of weeds;

Liberty & Stadium

Stadium Hardware staff say they’re selling a lot of fuses today; It’s noon with 86 degrees and climbing;

7th & Liberty & Washington

7th St. blocked off between Liberty and Washington; police says two-car apparent head-on collision; cars still there; at least one to E.R.

Broadway Bridge

Jennifer at St. Vincent de Paul store is cheery even when you forget to close the door and let the AC out!

Liberty & Main

Varsity Barbershop on Liberty swathed in black; co-owner killed in motorcycle accident 27 years old; spontaneous memorial;

Blake Transit Center

overheard at bus stop outside Blake on 4th Street: “Dead people don’t pay rent in Ann Arbor.” Right. Important to add “in Ann Arbor”.

4th & Liberty

Steve Bean crossing the street at 4th and Liberty

Main & Liberty

ACLU donation collector at Main and Liberty reports a ho hum sort of day money-wise