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A2: Religion

In the Wall Street Journal, an op/ed by Kathryn Jean Lopez - editor of the National Review Online – takes a critical look at the women’s ordination movement in the Catholic Church. She quotes Mother Assumpta Long, a Dominican sister in Ann Arbor, who does not support the movement. “We are each unique in our talents. . . . Women are called upon to be mothers (spiritually and, for many in marriage, physically as well); whereas men are called upon to be fathers (spiritually and, for many in marriage, physically as well).” [Source]

A2: Politics

Sharon Donovan of Ann Arbor is among those quoted in today’s Freep article about the presidential candidates. Of Obama, she says “Whenever I see him talking, he’s making full eye contact, he’s not evasive, he seems closer to genuine.” She also likes McCain. “I just wish he weren’t a Republican.” [Source]

UM: Cost of Education

The Detroit News looks at what it costs to send your kid to college, beyond tuition and room & board. What about spending money? James Pluff, a UM senior interviewed for the story, is skeptical that the $2,054 recommended by administrators (about $64 a week) is sufficient. “I don’t know. I guess it all depends. Maybe living in the dorm, you could do it.” [Source]

UM: Rankings

UM places 26th in the 2009 overall rankings of universities by U.S. News & World Report. And The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on what critics of these rankings have to say. [Source] [Source]

A2: Business

The Philadelphia Business Journal reports on LiquaJet, a company there that uses jets of liquid nitrogen in its milling process. One customer is Tissue Regeneration Systems in Ann Arbor, founded by UM bioengineering prof Scott Hollister. The firm uses a biodegradable polymer for implants that spur bone regeneration. [Source]

A2: Food

On, Michael Stern posts a review and photos of Ann Arbor’s Northside Grill: “There can be no question about an elevated consciousness at work in the kitchen when you ease a fork down into a stack of apple-oat bran pancakes. The cakes really have a tweedy oatmeal texture and they are studded with large chunks of apple that deliver a fruity tang and cinnamon vibe.” [Source]

A Closer Look at WCC’s Lifelong Learning Lineup

By now, your household has likely received the Lifelong Learning catalog of fall classes from Washtenaw Community College, mailed to local residents. There are dozens of courses offered on topics ranging from Chinese calligraphy and Arabic conversation to the basics of auto repair and computer programming. Here are some highlights, including a few instructors you might know:

  • Rene Greff, co-owner of Arbor Brewing Co. and Corner Brewery, is teaching two courses: beer tasting and home brewing. Both are held at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. (Page 18)
  • Interested in local history and architecture? Local historian Grace Shackman is leading a … [Full Story]

UM: China

Kenneth Lieberthal, a China expert on faculty at UM, comments in a New York Times article on the death of Hua Guofeng, the Chinese leader who took over after Mao. “He was more a figure who was there when Chinese politics pivoted than himself being a pivotal figure. He succeeded Mao briefly because he was a guy nobody felt could dominate, so he didn’t set off alarm bells in any camp.” [Source]

A2: Auto Industry

The Wall Street Journal’s Neal Boudette reports from Ann Arbor that Hyundai is targeting the U.S. luxury market with its Genesis sedans and coupes. John Krafcik, the Korean firm’s vp of product development, says Genesis customers will be “nonconformist” consumers. [Source]

A2: Environment

Jeff Gearheart, research director at the Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center, is quoted in an LA Times article about a California court settlement requiring that lead wheel weights be phased out in the state by 2009. The weights are believed to be a health hazard by contaminating drinking water. Says Gearhart: “We fully expect dozens of states to follow California’s leadership and ban the use of lead wheel weights.” [Source]

UM: Religion

The Jewish Journal looks at how groups serving college campuses are paying students to take Jewish studies classes. At UM, Orthodox rabbi Fully Eisenberger runs the Maimonides Fellowship program, which gives students $400 or a free trip to Israel. “This was an idea to get students involved in learning Judaism, learning about their heritage, and as an incentive, in order to give them the amazing knowledge and to give them right mind-set, it’s to lock them in.” [Source]

Ypsi: Event

The local chapter of a business networking group for women called Hot Pink Mamas is holding a mixer on Aug. 26 at Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. There’s no cover charge for the event, which starts at 6 p.m., but it’s a cash bar. [Source]

UM: Medical

UM’s study on anti-wrinkle treatments gets more coverage, this time on The Early Show on CBS, when host Harry Smith interviews dermatologist Diane Berson about the results. [Source]

Chelsea: Event

Former A2 News reporter Amy Whitesall writes about what it’s like to have the Chelsea Fair move into her backyard, more or less: “There’s lots of traffic on our street, cars and noise (and this year, dust) until late at night. But as I explained to someone just yesterday, it’s not really bad once you give yourself over to it. For one week a year, we live at the center of our wacky little universe.” [Source] Update: The next day’s entry – video of a cow giving birth to twins – can’t be missed. [Source]

Washtenaw: Legal

Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie was interviewed for a report on WILX News (a Lansing/Jackson NBC affiliate) on the importance of preschool programs like Head Start: “The children who did not receive Head Start programming or preschool programming are much more likely to commit crimes; to be career criminals.” [Source]

Chelsea: Food

Valerie, writing in her Adventures of Cooking blog, warns of the hazards of fundraising cookbooks. She cites a couple of examples from “Chelsea Cooks,” which she bought at a school fundraiser years ago. [Source]

UM: Football

Keith Shelton of The Bleacher Report writes about quarterback recruit Kevin Newsome’s decision to decommit from UM. “Here we go, Michigan fans. Strap in and prepare for a new wave of paranoia from Ann Arbor – and renewed gloating from Columbus and East Lansing.” [Source]

Fourth & Huron

Etched on stone wall next to Handicap Entrance sign on Washtenaw County Annex: “This is hurtful language.”

A2: Crime

According to a Freep article, Ann Arbor resident Andrew Park is among those targeted in an FBI probe involving corruption in Detroit’s city government. “The FBI searched his Ann Arbor home and businesses July 14 to find out whether there were irregularities involving former mayoral staffer Derrick Miller, a security contract and a failed Asian Village restaurant complex next to the Renaissance Center.” [Source]

UM: Politics

An AP article published in the Baltimore Sun looks at the use of text messaging in Obama’s campaign. The article quotes UM grad student Allison Dale, who has studied how this king of technology impacts voting: “We’re still sort of at the beginning of figuring out what you can do with the text messaging.” [Source]

A2: Business

The Detroit News runs a feature on Grand River, an Ann Arbor Web design and development firm founded by Scott Robertson and Steve Thallman. Says Robertson: “Ninety percent of consumers go online to research before they buy. … That makes it even more important to have your brand replicated online because millions of people a day can come and check out your Web site.” [Source]

UM: Education

An Associated Press article looks at an ACLU study about discipline in schools, which found that a disproportionate number of minorities are physically punished. The article quotes Elizabeth Gershoff, a UM assistant professor of social work: “The use of corporal punishment is associated almost overwhelmingly with negative effects, and that it increases children’s problem behavior over time.” [Source]

A2: Love

Davy Rothbart lives in Ann Arbor, created FOUND Magazine and writes for several national publications. He’s also in AOL’s stable of Life & Style bloggers – his is called My Heart is an Idiot, and today’s post ruminates on running into an ex-girlfriend at a downtown Ann Arbor bar. “She had never appreciated my lifestyle: down and dirty late nights, perpetual motion. It was ultimately the reason for our break-up, and seeing her next to this gauze pad of a man, I couldn’t help but think that he was essentially perfect for her.” [Source]

5th & Liberty

John from hot dog stand in front of Federal Building says there’s boxing in Ann Arbor at Vet’s Park this weekend;

Shooting Nature, Competitively

Spreading the word about an event in today’s digital age includes posting the information on websites, writing about it on personal blogs, exhorting other bloggers to blog about it, sending email to lists, listing it on Craigslist and Upcoming … and taping a sheet of paper on the wall where people can see it.

Posted on the wall next to the coffee carafes at the The Jefferson Market and Cakery

Posted on the wall next to the coffee carafes at the The Jefferson Market and Cakery

Absent the flyer – complete with tear-off tabs – posted at the Jefferson Market, The Chronicle would have missed the photo contest sponsored by … [Full Story]

A2: Food

On The Dish blog, Keith Law – a manager at – reviews a meal at Zingerman’s Roadhouse: “The big bonuses for me: real tea; and a small plate of donut holes for us to try, obviously just fried and out of this world, as just-fried donuts usually are.” [Source]

Ypsi: Music

You just can’t resist reading a blog post titled “City of Ypsilanti Thanks Me for Singing About Its ‘Water Dick.’” [Source]

Art Center Launches Campaign to Tackle Shortfall

Ann Arbor Art Center on West Liberty Street

Ann Arbor Art Center on West Liberty Street

Like many local nonprofits, the Ann Arbor Art Center has been hit by a tough economy and is facing a budget shortfall for its current fiscal year, which ends Aug. 31. In a letter e-mailed to members today, the center’s CEO, Marsha Chamberlin, described their challenges: “Class attendance decreased while requests for scholarship support skyrocketed.

Energy costs increased while our donations remained constant. We have had to become much more cost sensitive and make big changes to continue to operate well; we decreased staff from 18 to 11 yet we proudly aspire to provide … [Full Story]

UM: Medical

Newsday reports on wrinkle treatments that UM researchers have examined, noting that three of the treatments – topical retinoic acid, carbon dioxide laser resurfacing and injections of cross-linked hyaluronic acid – worked better than others. John Voorhees, chairman of UM’s dermatology department, comments on the various approaches. [Source]

UM: Business

Forbes is one of several publications that report on UM’s latest American Customer Satisfaction Index, which ranks consumer preferences. The Forbes report focuses on Apple’s high rankings, noting that Google’s scores have surged, too. [Source]