Favorite Fools

FestiFools street celebration brings giant puppets to Main Street
FestiFools puppet that looks like a clock

The Chronicle's favorite FestiFool puppet. What can we say ... we like watches and clocks. Look at our logo.

From 4-5 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, as the skies achieved a spitting sprinkle, but did not ever achieve a steady rain, the puppets of FestiFools cavorted at street-light level for the crowd that was several people deep along Main Street.

We were there to look at the puppets, but without even trying, we saw any number of people that Chronicle readers might recognize, just standing in one spot at Main and Liberty.

Among the folks we spotted included Bonnie Bona and Kirk Westphal (both on the city planning commission), Linda Diane Feldt (Stopped.Watched. correspondent, who filed this report from late in the afternoon), Edward Vielmetti (a2b3 organizer), Steve Bean (environmental commission), Matt Naud (environmental coordinator for the city), Margaret Smith (with the Huron River Watershed Council), Sarah Kaufmann (fiber artist, who’d just finished her shift at Downtown Home and Garden) and Mike Myers (local photographer).

Myers had a camera along, and he wasn’t alone.  The visual appeal of  giant puppets meant that plenty of photographers were patrolling the sidewalks, documenting this third annual edition of FestiFools.

While some onlookers might have had difficulty identifying a favorite puppet, The Chronicle was partial to the clock face.

Guy with crown photographing Festifools

FestiFools photog. This guy knew what he was doing, whatever the crown might make you think.

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  1. April 11, 2009 at 12:26 am | permalink

    I was standing at Main and Liberty, too!
    –Frances Kai-Hwa Wang, “Adventures in Multicultural Living” column at annarborchronicle.com