Ann Arbor Absentee Ballots: First Wave

The Ann Arbor city clerk’s office has released the list of the first wave of absentee voters for the Aug. 7, 2012 primary election. The list includes the names and addresses of those voters who have applied to receive absentee ballots. This first wave is expected to be mailed on Wednesday, June 27. In the city of Ann Arbor the list totals 1,918 ballots, with the following breakdown by ward: Ward 1 (174); Ward 2 (558); Ward 3 (307); Ward 4 (451); and Ward 5 (428).

Candidates for public office often subscribe to the clerk’s absentee voter mailing list, which arrives in periodic installments by email up until the election takes place. Direct mail or door-knocking campaigns target absentee voter lists based on the idea that these are voters who are almost certain to cast a ballot – which contrasts with a “shot-gun” style approach to campaigning.

A registered voter can apply for an absentee ballot by mail for the Aug. 7 primary up until the Saturday just prior to the election – Aug. 4, 2012. An absentee ballot can be obtained by calling the city clerk at 734-794-6140 or by scanning the absentee ballot application form and emailing it as an attachment to

To see a sample ballot for your precinct, visit the Secretary of State’s website. The last day to register to vote for the Aug. 7 primary is July 9, 2012. Information on voter registration can be found on the Ann Arbor city clerk’s website.