Ann Arbor, Other Recounts: Outcomes Same

A recount of ballots cast in the Aug. 7, 2012 Democratic primary election left results unchanged in all elections in Washtenaw County that were recounted. The recount took place on Sept. 4, 2012 and was conducted by the Washtenaw County board of canvassers.

The recount of the Ward 4 Ann Arbor city council race confirmed that incumbent Margie Teall had the most votes.

The initial count of ballots across the nine precincts of Ward 4 showed Teall with a total of 866 (50.5%) votes, compared to 848 (49.5%) votes for Jack Eaton. In the recounted totals, each candidate lost a vote in Precinct 4-9. In Precinct 4-6, Teall picked up one vote and Eaton lost one, leaving Eaton and Teall with 846 and 866 votes, respectively.

Teall does not face an on-the-ballot challenger in the Nov. 6 general election.

The city of Ypsilanti Ward 3 Democratic councilmember race was also recounted, with exactly the same results. In that race, Pete Murdock tallied 440 (60.03%) votes compared to 242 (33.02%) for Mike Eller and 47 (6.41%) for Ted Windish.

Three races in Augusta Township were recounted, all in the Democratic primary: clerk, treasurer and trustee. They all came out the same. In the clerk’s election, Iva Bielec tallied 304 votes (46.70%) compared to 343 (52.69%) for Kathy Giszczak. In the treasurer’s election, Susan Burek tallied 312 (49.60%) compared to 315 (50.08%) for Lynda Dew.

And in the trustee election, Cath Howard tallied 324 (16.78%) compared to 278 (14.40%) for H. Neil Johnson, 307 (15.90%) for Laverne Kailimai, 310 (16.05%) for Joseph Keefe, 375 (19.42%) for Judy Thornton, and 329 (17.04%) for Ira Todd. Voters could choose up to four, so it’s the three-vote spread between Kailimai and Keefe that was of most interest.

Seals on the ballot bags, deemed to be inappropriate by the board of canvassers, resulted in some precincts not being recounted – because one of the first steps to a recount is confirming that the ballots have been correctly sealed.

In the Ward 4 city council race, Precinct 4-2, which had 25 ballots in the Democratic primary, was not recounted – because the cable-tie device inserted through the twin zipper heads was itself not secure. The “snout” end of the tie had been inserted into its appropriate slot, but not far enough for the first nub to establish the “ratchet.” So when it was tested to confirm that it had been secure, it came undone.

Also due to be recounted was the Sylvan Township millage proposal. There is only one precinct in the township and it was not recounted, because of a ballot sealing issue. The problem was that the cable tie had been inserted through the holes in the zipper tabs, instead of the heads of the zippers. That left a gap equal to the length of the two zipper tabs. And based on that gap, the board of canvassers determined that the seal had not been appropriate.

For the Sylvan Township millage, the yes votes numbered 480 (50.37%), while 473 (49.63%) no votes were cast.