Add Events to The Chronicle’s Listing

How to Add Events

Here’s how to add your events to The Chronicle’s event listings. Two steps:

  1. Manage your own organization’s calendar with software that does two things: (1) shows people a web calendar they can read; (2) generates a data stream of events that computers can read – an iCalendar feed. 
  2. Send the URL of the iCalendar feed to

Where do I get the software that does those two things?

You might already be using it – because it’s ubiquitous and much of it is free. For example, Hotmail Calendar and Google Calendar will generate a URL with an iCalendar feed. If you want to talk about calendars, email

Why is this good for my organization?

Four reasons:

  1. No more double-data entry. Just maintain your calendar for your website. There’s no extra labor to make the events appear in The Chronicle’s listing.
  2. No need to notify anyone. When you add or modify events, The Chronicle’s display is automatically updated. We’re displaying your feed, not hosting your data.
  3. Convenience for your website visitors. If you display events on your own website in an iCalendar-compliant way, visitors can add events to their own personal calendars with one click.
  4. The feed always points to you. Let’s say someone is introduced to your organization through The Chronicle’s event listing. They can add your events from The Chronicle’s listing to their personal calendar – and that connects them directly to you through your feed. The Chronicle doesn’t need to get in the middle of someone’s interaction with you.

Why is The Chronicle doing this?

Three reasons:

  1. It’s easy. Once your feed is added, it’s no additional labor for us.
  2. It’s a public good. It’s a good thing to have a hub where people can go to find out what’s happening in Ann Arbor.
  3. It’s expected. Readers of publications like ours expect such publications to have event listings.