Feed Yourself The Chronicle

This page provides details on how to filter Chronicle feeds so that only the items you want show up in your feed reader – if that’s your preferred way to receive Chronicle stories.

Unfiltered Feed

The URL for the unfiltered Chronicle feed is:

Filtered Feeds

Filtering is based on categories (sections).  As of Aug. 1, 2009, the categories (sections) of the Chronicle are not all terribly well defined.  Some of them make more sense than others.

Filtering depends on knowing the category ID numbers:

  • 3=Business
  • 4=Education
  • 5=Entertainment
  • 6=Environment
  • 7=Government
  • 8=Missed Ticks
  • 9=Neighborhoods
  • 10=New Media Watch
  • 11=Old Media Watch
  • 24=Stopped. Watched
  • 571=Meeting Watch
  • 176=Opinion

There are two basic strategies: filtering in by specify exactly those categories you’d like to receive or filtering out by specifying that you’d like to receive everything except for some categories. Either way you filter, the syntax seems to require trailing commas for single items … for reasons that are not entirely clear to our web team.

Filtering In

The syntax for creating a feed that selects just the categories you want, where x, y, z, w, correspond to numbers of categories you want, is this:



Just Stopped.Watched. items:


Just Old and New Media Watch items:


Filtering Out

The syntax for creating feed that includes everything except certain categories that you don’t want, where x, y, z, w, correspond numbers of categories you don’t want, is this:



Everything except Stopped.Watched. items:


Everything except Old and New Media Watch items: