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2013 County Budget Adjustments OK’d

A budget adjustment resulting in a $654,670 increase in 2013 general fund revenues and expenses, bringing the total general fund budget to 103,218,903, was given final approval at the Washtenaw County board of commissioners meeting on Sept. 4, 2013. [.pdf of 2013 budget adjustment chart] The vote was 8-1 with dissent from Conan Smith (D-District 9), but there was no discussion on this item.

An initial vote had been taken on Aug. 7, 2013, following significant debate and some failed amendments proposed by Smith. His amendments would have restored over $1 million in funding to programs and departments that had been cut in previous budget cycles. During the Aug. 7 meeting, other commissioners expressed general support for his sentiments, … [Full Story]

Final 2013 Budget Adjustments Postoned

Following considerable discussion and an unexpected proposal from the floor, Washtenaw County commissioners gave initial approval to authorize a $654,670 increase in 2013 general fund revenues and expenses, bringing the total general fund budget to 103,218,903.

The action was taken at the Aug. 7, 2013 ways & means committee meeting of the county board of commissioners, with dissent by Alicia Ping (R-District 3), Dan Smith (R-District 2), and Conan Smith (D-District 9). [.pdf of 2013 budget adjustment chart] Board approval is required for budget changes greater than $100,000 or a variance of more than 10%, whichever is less.

However, the board ultimately postponed the final vote on the budget adjustments.

The county’s finance staff cited several factors related to the adjustments, including … [Full Story]

County Board Gives Final OK to 2013 Budget

Washtenaw County’s 2013 general fund budget of $102.84 million, with a net increase of one full-time position, was given final approval at the Dec. 5, 2012 county board of commissioners meeting. The approval came after a public hearing at the same meeting. [.pdf of 2013 Washtenaw County budget]

The county works on a two-year budget planning cycle. In late 2011, commissioners set the budget for 2012 and 2013. However, state law mandates that the board must approve the budget annually. At its Nov. 7 meeting, commissioners gave initial approval to a budget “reaffirmation” for 2013, including several proposed adjustments. The original 2013 budget proposed a year ago was for general fund revenues and expenses of $97.066 million – $5.774 … [Full Story]

AAPS Budget Forum Highlights Concerns

Ann Arbor Public Schools Community Budget Forum (May 7, 2012): Concern about the possible closure of Roberto Clemente Student Development Center dominated the discussion portion of the district’s first community budget forum, held Monday evening at Pioneer High School.

AAPS budget forum

The AAPS budget forum was held at Pioneer High School. (Photos by the writer.)

Community members who attended the presentation heard a presentation of the full budget proposal almost identical to the one presented to school board members last month.

Highlights of that presentation included a core budget proposal that calls for a reduction in staff by 32 full-time positions, the elimination of some busing services, and the closure or merging of one of the district’s alternative high schools. Roberto Clemente Student Development Center is one of the district’s alternative high schools.

Community members at Monday’s forum were asked to break out into small groups to discuss their concerns with the potential budget reductions and brainstorm additional revenue enhancement ideas.

In addition to concerns about Clemente’s possible closure, community members also expressed concern about the rise in class sizes that would be associated with the elimination of 32-64 teaching positions, the elimination of funding for music camps, and the proposed cuts to transportation services.

The district will host a second budget forum Monday, May 14, starting at 6:30 p.m. at Huron High School. The board is not required to approve the budget until June 30. [Full Story]