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That's a .06, or .02 under the legal limit of .08.

That's a .06 - or .02 below the legal limit of .08.

A group of 20-something women emerged giggling from Melange on Main Street. They were at first uncertain if they really wanted to try the free preliminary breath tests being offered at a sidewalk table. But after one had a painless encounter with a hollow plastic tube, they were all convinced, “Oh, I want to try!”

The idea behind the free breath tests, sponsored by the Breddell & Bredell Arrive Alive Foundation, is to give folks an objective assessment of what their blood alcohol content level is compared to how impaired they feel after having something to drink. The first young lady blew a .02, well below the .08 legal limit, but not everyone in her group came in under that upper bound. [Full Story]