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Main Street Clocktower, Chelsea

Kids and parents attending the Chelsea Sounds and Sights Festival gather around four-foot diameter metal phonograph using cards as “needles” to pick up the sounds that inventor Michael Flynn has cut into the metal. There are four different tracks to choose from. [photo 1] [photo 2] [photo 3] [photo 4] [photo 5] Moment of Zen: father gives his little girl a kiss on the cheek and tells her, “Love is all you need” – which is one of the phonograph tracks.

County Honors Chelsea Lanes, Purple Rose

Two Chelsea organizations – Purple Rose Theatre and Chelsea Lanes – were recognized for their support of the community at the Feb. 20, 2013 meeting of the Washtenaw County board of commissioners. Resolutions of appreciation were brought forward by Kent Martinez-Kratz (D-District 1), whose district includes the city of Chelsea.

The Purple Rose Theatre – founded by the actor Jeff Daniels, who lives in the area – is a nonprofit professional theater located in downtown Chelsea. The resolution of appreciation cites several contributions, including the theater’s weekly Wednesday matinee held for the community, and its partnerships with local businesses and entities like the Chelsea District Library. [.pdf Purple Rose Theatre resolution]

Chelsea Lanes, a bowling alley owned … [Full Story]

Ann Arbor Council OKs Tech Agreements

Two technology agreements have been approved by the Ann Arbor city council – a three-way agreement with the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority and Washtenaw County, and another two-party contract with the city of Chelsea. Both agreements existed previously. The vote on agreements came at the council’s Feb. 4, 2013 meeting.

The three-way accord had been approved by the council on May 2, 2011. The agreement – an interagency agreement for collaborative technology and services (IACTS) – is meant to provide a way to procure and maintain common technology platforms and services centrally.

The modification to the agreement, approved by the city council on Feb. 4, allows for adding other entities into the agreement in a more streamlined way, by “giving each … [Full Story]

Venture Puts Chelsea’s Local News Online

The home page for Chelsea Update, a new online news site.

The home page for Chelsea Update, a new online local news site.

As a journalist, Heather Newman is perhaps best known for the technology column she wrote at the Detroit Free Press. Though she left that newspaper last year for a job at the University of Michigan, the Chelsea area resident has found another way to use her journalism skills. This month, she launched an online news site called Chelsea Update, focused on news and information in the town just west of Ann Arbor. In an email interview, we asked Newman to tell us about her new venture.

What got you started down this road? As you were thinking about the possibility of starting this venture, what were the pros and cons in weighing whether you’d actually do it?

I’d been writing for newspapers for almost 20 years when I left to join the marketing staff at the University of Michigan Press (its book publishing division) in December. Working here has been terrific, but I really felt that journalistic itch, so I was looking for something I could do in the evenings and on weekends to keep my hand in. I’ve lived in the Chelsea area for nine years, so I’m naturally nosy about what goes on there, and the only newspaper in the area is a weekly. It seemed like a great place to start. [Full Story]

If Chelsea Were China, There’d Be More Media

Betty Anne Waters Ann Arbor Area Filming

"Betty Anne Waters" filming in Chelsea. (Photos courtesy of Qin Li)

Filming of the movie “Betty Anne Waters” continued in the environs of Ann Arbor this week. The Chronicle was not out in Chelsea to see it for ourselves, but resident Qin Li emailed some photos and called in a report from her family’s encounter with the movie crew. She and her husband, Vinay Joneja, and son, Dave (five years old), enjoyed a pleasant day of shooting with their house as the backdrop.

In the scene, Betty – played in the movie by Hilary Swank – drives up and picks up two kids from the house. In response to our question, Qin Li said there was no crying or yelling, or high drama involved. [Full Story]