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Santacroce Elected Chair of Park Advisory Group

The Ann Arbor park advisory commission has elected David Santacroce as chair for the coming year, replacing Ingrid Ault in that position. The vote came at PAC’s Aug. 19, 2014 meeting.

Santacroce is a professor of law at the University of Michigan. Before his appointment to PAC in November 2013, he chaired the city’s North Main Huron River corridor task force, which last year delivered its report to the council on recommendations for that corridor.

Paige Morrison was elected vice chair. Each vote was conducted by “secret ballot” as stipulated in PAC’s bylaws. The one-year terms begin Sept. 1.

Typically, the current vice chair is nominated and elected as chair. However, PAC’s vice chair – Graydon Krapohl – is running unopposed for a … [Full Story]