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S. Maple near W. Stadium

Possibly due to a hard-hitting exposé in The Ann Arbor Chronicle, these directional arrows at Kroger on S. Maple have now been repainted and oriented in the proper direction. [photo] The whole city can breathe a sigh of relief. Thanks, AAChronicle!

S. Maple near W. Stadium

These arrows in the South Maple Kroger parking lot indicate we should drive on the left. All other arrows in same parking lot, including those at the other end of this lane, are correct. Perhaps this pair is the work of a disgruntled road painter who wants to return to British rule? [photo]

Farmers Market Parking Lot to Get Upgrade

A surface parking lot at the Ann Arbor farmers market is getting an upgrade, paid for with $8,280 from the market fund balance. The city’s park advisory commission recommended the appropriation at its May 21, 2013 meeting.

Ann Arbor farmers market, Ann Arbor park advisory commission, The Ann Arbor Chronicle

This aerial view shows Ann Arbor farmers market in Kerrytown. The surface parking lot is indicated in red.

The Ann Arbor public market advisory commission had recommended the work and appropriation at its April 18, 2013 meeting. According to a staff memo, the work would include “saw cutting and … [Full Story]

Longshore Parking for Argo OK’d

A $3,000 lease to accommodate overflow parking for the Argo canoe livery has been approved by the Ann Arbor city council. The vote came at the council’s April 1, 2013 meeting, having been pulled from the council’s March 18, 2013 consent agenda and postponed at that time.

Sabra Briere (Ward 1) had asked that the item be separated out from the consent agenda. Briere had heard concerns that the lot is not very well-graded and that there’s a lot of runoff. She wondered if there was a way for the city to enforce maintenance of the lot through the lease.

At the council’s April 1 meeting, Briere indicated that it was not feasible to enforce through the contract the kind of improvements … [Full Story]

Wintermeyer Parking Expansion Approved

At its May 15, 2012 meeting, the Ann Arbor planning commission unanimously approved an expansion to the Wintermeyer office parking lot at 2144 and 2178 South State St., south of Stimson and east of the University of Michigan golf course. The commission also voted to approve a landscape modification on the 1.8-acre site, contingent on administrative approval of relocated plantings between the site and a home to the north.

Two two-story office buildings are currently located on the site, along with an 85-space parking lot. The parcel is zoned O (office). After the expansion, there will be a total of 101 parking spaces on the site. A maximum of 111 parking spaces are allowed for the existing office development.

Modifications to the landscaping … [Full Story]

AAPS Board: No Principal Sharing in 2011-12

Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) board of education meeting (May 11, 2011): After hearing significant public commentary on the matter, and following a spirited discussion, the AAPS board voted 5-2 to eliminate a plan to share principals among elementary schools from the proposed 2011-12 AAPS budget. A public hearing on the budget will be held as part of the next regular board meeting at 7 p.m. on May 25.

Public commentary was also rich with concerns regarding a proposed expansion of the parking lot at Haisley Elementary, which was discussed by the board at length as a first briefing item. It will come up for a vote at the May 25 meeting.

At the May 11 meeting, which lasted past 1:30 a.m., the board also approved upgrades to the district’s PowerSchool communication system, SISS assistive technology, and the elementary math curriculum. They also heard a first briefing on a proposal to purchase a new standardized assessment tool to complement the Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP), and were updated on the progress of the Widening Advancement for Youth (WAY) Washtenaw program. [Full Story]