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Police Services Lawsuit: On It Goes

At Saturday’s budget retreat for Washtenaw County commissioners, a discussion on public safety issues included mention of  the lawsuit that three townships filed against the county in 2006, disputing the cost of sheriff deputy patrols. That prompted us to ask for an update: Just what’s the status of that legal wrangling?

The last time we checked in, the state Court of Appeals had just handed the county a victory, and it appeared that the years-long courtroom battle might be ending. Not so. The three townships – Augusta, Salem and Ypsilanti – have appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court, and just last week the county filed its response, according to Curtis Hedger, the county’s corporate counsel. Now, the groups will have to wait until the court decides whether or not to hear the appeal. Hedger said the process could take several more months. [Full Story]