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Liberty at Fifth

Soon this will all seem as if it was a crazy dream. Already I can hardly recall when this sidewalk was an icy narrowly passable mess for pedestrians, and impossible for wheelchair users and strollers. [photo]

Liberty btw Main and Fourth

The fairies have done a great job of keeping their walked clear [photo one]. The fairies are setting a good example that is not being followed elsewhere. This fire hydrant [photo two] remains buried in snow at the corner of Fourth Ave. Further up Liberty at the new parking structure, the handicapped spots are being commandeered as the repository for plowed snow [photo three] from the non-handicapped spots. Meanwhile, I also saw wheelchair users taking to the streets since the sidewalks are in bad shape. The Federal building sidewalk was the worst that I observed, with not even two people able to walk side by side for most of it.

Downtown Ann Arbor

Sidewalk snow removal scorecard: city of Ann Arbor for city hall and Republic Parking for adjoining public parking facilities get top marks. Everyone else is currently falling a short of a reasonable standard. Even the Main Street BIZ district looks pretty awful.

Third & William

The parking lot has been cleared [photo 1] but the sidewalk was left undone [photo 2]. This happens a lot around town. I believe this example is University of Michigan property and responsibility. But there were a lot of uncleared sidewalks in the neighborhood, without even a first pass. Thanks to all who did make being a pedestrian safer and easier by shoveling!