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Ann Arbor’s New Market Manager Introduced

Sarah Benoit – the city of Ann Arbor’s new market manager – was introduced to the city’s park advisory commissioners at their May 15, 2012 meeting. She replaces Molly Notarianni, who resigned from that position earlier this year.

Benoit grew up in Kalamazoo and earned an undergraduate degree in urban studies & European studies from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where she participated in a pilot farmers market on campus. After graduating, she spent a year in Ann Arbor, then moved to New York in 2010 to attend Fordham University. She received a masters degree in urban studies and completed a thesis on the role of seasons in local food education in New York City.

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AAPS Weighs Cuts to Staff, Buses, Programs

Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education Regular Meeting/Committee of the Whole (April 18, 2012): After quickly approving two items in a regular meeting, the AAPS school board recessed to a committee meeting to discuss informally proposed reductions to the fiscal year 2012-13 budget. The district faces a $17.8 million deficit for the coming year.

Robert Allen, AAPS deputy superintendent for operations

Robert Allen, AAPS deputy superintendent for operations (Photos by Monet Tiedemann)

Trustees discussed possible staffing cuts, reductions to transportation services and discretionary budgets, the restructuring of alternative high school programs, and the elimination of some extracurricular funding. AAPS administration is currently relying on $6 million worth of projected revenue enhancements to cover a chunk of the deficit. The remaining deficit is proposed to be covered through a combination of cuts and use of fund balance – summarized in three different plans: A, B and C.

Plan A has the least amount of cuts and the most use of fund balance, but still calls for a reduction in staff by 32 full-time positions, the elimination of some busing services, and the closure or merging of one of the district’s alternative high schools. Plans B and C have progressively greater cuts and less use of fund balance.

A formal presentation will be made on proposed budget reductions at the next regular board meeting, this Wednesday, April 25, with community forums and public hearings to follow in May. Board president Deb Mexicotte said at the meeting that the board will pass a finalized FY 2012-13 budget in June.

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