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Alea Iacta Est: Election Results (Aug. 5, 2014)

This article was set up with an automatic publishing time: 8 p.m. Aug. 5, 2014.

In this file The Chronicle will record summarized tabulations of early, informally-reported, completely unofficial election results – in city of Ann Arbor races for mayor and city council.

The city of Ann Arbor is divided into five wards.

The city of Ann Arbor is divided into five wards.

The headline is drawn from a tradition in Ann Arbor’s Internet culture dating back to the mid 2000s – the days of the now defunct community blog, ArborUpdate. At the moment the polls closed, local attorney Dave Cahill would reliably post a three-word comment: alea iacta est (the die is cast).

The Latin phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar as he crossed the Rubicon.

The results reported here come directly from individual precincts as the paper tapes are printed out by voting machines. They should be considered informal and unofficial.

Unofficial results will also be reported by the Washtenaw County clerk’s office on its Aug. 5, 2014 election results page.

The following block of text will be replaced with a time-stamped, updated version about every 10-15 minutes. To see the most recent results, please refresh the page manually.


Latest informal, unofficially reported results, as of 9:37:50 PM [This is the last update of informally reported results. For complete unofficial results, The Chronicle directs readers to the county clerk's website. The Ward 1 race looks clearly decided in favor of Kailasapathy. The Ward 2 race looks very likely  to go Westphal's way. The Ward 3 race looks very likely to go Grand's way. And the mayor's race will almost certainly go to Taylor.]

In the Ward 1 city council race, with 10 of 10 in-person precincts informally reporting, including absentee ballots, ADAMS has received 840 votes (43%), and KAILASAPATHY has received 1113 votes (56.9%).

In the Ward 2 city council race, with 7 of 9 in-person precincts informally reporting, including 2 of 2 absent voter count boards, KAPLAN has received 1163 votes (41.8%), and WESTPHAL has received 1615 votes (58.1%).

In the Ward 3 city council race, with 4 of 9 in-person precincts informally reporting, including absentee ballots, DASCOLA has received 572 votes (27.3%), GRAND has received 1126 votes (53.8%) and MCMULLEN has received 394 votes (18.8%).

In the Ann Arbor mayor’s race, with 32 of 48 in-person precincts informally reporting, and 7 of 7 absent voter count boards reporting in, BRIERE has received 2411 votes (20.1%), KUNSELMAN has received 1931 votes (16.1%) PETERSEN has received 1830 votes (15.3%), and TAYLOR has received 5785 votes (48.3%).


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