HD’s Totter Watch: Bicycle Racing

A ride with Dawn Lovejoy

If Elizabeth Parkinson’s Talk was sponsored by the letter “Q,” then it’s fair to say that Dawn Lovejoy’s Talk was sponsored by the letter “Y.”Read her Talk for more insight into that, plus get a possible answer to the question: What serves as the true motivation for some bicycle racers? Here are some choices to mull over before reading Dawn’s Talk:

  • fame and glory
  • cash money
  • fruit confections
  • fear of humiliation
  • a brand new car

Plus, I’d like to thank Dawn on behalf of The Ann Arbor Chronicle for walking the course with me during her team’s race at the Priority Health Cycling Classic on Sept. 7 and providing much of the insight that went into The Chronicle’s write-up of that event.

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  1. October 16, 2008 at 9:05 am | permalink

    A2Karen and I take her class on Friday mornings. It is awesome and wakes me up and gets me ready for Friday :)