Maple trees all over the city

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“Sapcicles” – subtle maple-syrup-flavored icicles formed where the oozing sap has frozen. Taps and jars on trees (locations kept secret so they won’t be disturbed). The sap is rising and dripping, you can lick it off some maples.

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  1. By Johnboy
    February 26, 2009 at 7:18 pm | permalink

    Be Careful! The city won’t allow you to tap trees on the public easement (i.e. between the side walk and the street) An interesting side note is that a few years back someone up at the top of Spring Street had their trees tapped. I used to go walking around there late at night and, on several occasions, observed deer drinking out of the sap cans. I wonder if they ever knew what happened to their syrup?