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Radio Free Bacon features actors, directors, live band music and a good time for the community, celebrating the tax free movie making incentives and all that it brings Ann Arbor. [photo]

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  1. By Bear
    September 23, 2009 at 4:05 am | permalink

    Movie production isn’t tax free in Michigan. A good portion of it is written off, to the tune of 40% of the tax liability. This has brought in over $126 million dollars in productions to Michigan and created 2800 jobs.

    Less visible is the money that was spent in restaurants, hotels and other ancillary expenses that come from having such large productions in town. People spend money if they have it to spend. I believe the move to cut back this tax incentive is wrong-headed thinking and will kill something that is working to put Michigan back on track.

    But back to my original point, it is NOT tax free; that is an inaccurate statement. It is a reduced tax liability.

    Yay for the moviemakers coming to Michigan! Let’s keep the cameras rolling!