AAPS Wraps Up Unfinished Business

The Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) board of education held a five-minute meeting on June 15, 2011 to tie up some loose ends. The meeting took place at the Balas administration building immediately preceding a board study session on student achievement.

Board president Deb Mexicotte explained that there were two items that were erroneously omitted from the list of second briefing items at the previous board meeting, but that are timely and require board action.

These items – the third quarter financial report and the 2011 millage resolution – were approved unanimously by the board. The board also acknowledged David Torres, an AAPS student who has won gold and silver medals in culinary competitions, and who cooked dinner for the board that evening.

On the third quarter financial report, AAPS interim superintendent Robert Allen noted that there have been no adjustments to the third quarter financial report since the first briefing.

The third quarter financial report was approved unanimously as part of the consent agenda.

On the millage resolution, trustee Susan Baskett asked for clarification of its purpose. Mexicotte explained that the resolution is simply an enactment of the millage as approved by voters. Approving the resolution, she said, would mean “Yes, we went for a millage. Yes, it passed. Yes, we will levy it.” The millages currently levied in the AAPS area address the district’s operations, debt service, and sinking fund expenses.

The 2011 millage resolution was approved unanimously as part of the consent agenda.

Mexicotte noted that the resolution requires her immediate signature and that of trustee Andy Thomas, the board secretary.

This brief was filed from the Balas administration board room where the meeting took place.