AATA OKs Raft of Capital Expenditures

At a special meeting held on July 19, 2011, the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority board authorized expenditures for a range of different capital projects at the site of its headquarters on South Industrial Highway. They included an expansion of the bus storage facility, replacement of bus hoists, a blanket contract for concrete work, and detention pond and landscaping improvements.

The $2.4 million cost of the bus storage facility project will be financed using a combination of roughly $1 million in ARRA (federal stimulus) funds and $1.4 million in existing federal formula funds. The $980,500 bus hoist replacement will be financed by a combination of existing grants and from federal formula funds. The blanket concrete contract lasts for five years for up to $250,000 worth of concrete work for the contract period. The detention pond work will cost $98,500 and will be financed through a combination of Federal Transit Authority funds and federal formula funds.

This brief was filed shortly after the AATA board meeting, which took place at the AATA headquarters at 2700 South Industrial Highway: [link]