Argo Pond

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Signs of work at the headrace along the Huron River, looking toward Argo Pond from the entrance at Pontiac Trail and Swift. [photo] Looking down the headrace from Argo Pond. [photo] A bicyclist went down the path despite the signs – there are big trees blocking the other end. [photo] Plastic sheeting and sand bags block off the ingoing water from Argo Pond into the race. [photo] [Editor's note: For background on the $1.17 million project to build a bypass channel in the Argo dam headrace and add whitewater features, see Chronicle coverage: "PAC Recommends Argo Dam Bypass"]

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  1. By Joe Hood
    July 24, 2011 at 11:41 pm | permalink

    Since the closing of the headrace, the kids and I are actually enjoying portaging at the dam. When the river was at 3000 cfs this spring (125 cfs now), the ride was terrific.