New City Admin Contract Text Released

The city of Ann Arbor has released the contract of its new city administrator, Steve Powers, who is scheduled to start work on Sept. 15, 2011. The text of the contract is posted on the city’s website. [.pdf of Powers contract]

The contract stipulates that the city council’s administration and labor committee will perform Powers’ performance evaluation by Aug. 1 of each year, starting in 2012. But that committee also intends to complete a six-month review no later than Feb. 15, 2012. Together with Powers, the committee will develop the job performance evaluation process and criteria it will use each year. However, the city council will ultimately make any final decision as to what process and criteria it will use.

Other highlights of the contract, previously announced at the city council’s Aug. 4 meeting, include a $145,000 base salary to be paid in weekly installments. His relocation expenses from Marquette will be reimbursed up to $30,000. His health insurance will be equivalent to other non-union employee plans. He’ll have 10 sick days accruing annually and 20 days of vacation accruing annually, and will begin with 10 vacation days in the bank.

Powers will have a cellular allowance and data stipend. He will not participate in the city’s pension program. Instead, he will be in a 401(a) plan. The city of Ann Arbor will match Powers’ contribution 2-1 up to 15% of his annual salary. That is, if he contributes 7.5% percent of his salary to the 401(a), the city will contribute 15%. He will have a retiree health care reimbursement account accessible on retirement, and the city’s initial contribution to that will be $2,500.