Ann Arbor Provides Online Rain Gauge Data

The city of Ann Arbor announced in a press release on Feb. 29, 2012 that a new page on the city’s website provides rain gauge data for three locations in the city: Barton Pond, Jackson Road and South Industrial Highway. The user interface allows visitors to the page to chart rainfall measured by 15-minute increments or by day at least back to Nov. 24, 2009. Data on the page is current as of 7 a.m. the previous morning.

For the Barton Pond gauge, the March 2 rain measured 0.45 inches. The Jackson Road and South Industrial Highway locations recorded 0.28 inches and 0.49 inches, respectively.

The city’s webpage also allows users to download data in files that contain comma-separated values. Based on data from the website, for the Barton Pond gauge, the most rainfall recorded on any one day since Nov. 24, 2009 was 2.65 inches on May 25, 2011.