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Maya Stein, the “Type Rider,” is stationed in front of Crazy Wisdom with her Remington manual typewriter and bike trailer. [photo] Today’s prompt is “It still amazes me…” [photo] It amazes me that she’s on this cross-country cycling/writing trek. A man and his daughter stopped by – the girl had never seen a typewriter before. [photo] Maya will be interviewed by Lucy Ann Lance on Monday morning before heading off to her next stop in Jackson.

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  1. June 3, 2012 at 7:59 pm | permalink

    Ha! I just had a conversation with two fifth graders about typewriters. It went something like this:
    Kid: But what if you made a mistake?
    Me: You had two options–type it over, or else put in correction tape.
    Kid: Wouldn’t the tape stick?
    Me: Well, no, it wasn’t really tape, but rather like a film thingie that you put over the paper and then you back spaced and hit the key and it would put this white stuff over the mistake and you could type over it.
    Crickets chirped.