Bernstein, Diggs Ahead in UM Regents Race

Based on unofficial results posted on the Michigan Secretary of State’s website, Democrat Mark Bernstein of Ann Arbor is leading in the race for two open seats on the University of Michigan board of regents. Two current regents – Libby Maynard and Martin Taylor – did not seek re-election this year for another eight-year term on that eight-member governing body. The top two vote-getters to replace them were elected from a field of 10 candidates statewide. Results have not yet been posted for nine of Michigan’s 83 counties, including Wayne, Kent, Genesee and Muskegon.

Results as of 6 a.m. on Nov. 7 show Bernstein with 1,359,293 votes. Second place – by a relatively narrow lead – is held by the other Democrat on the ballot, Shauna Ryder Diggs, with 1,181,274 votes. Diggs is the daughter-in-law of outgoing regent Taylor. The two Republicans vying for the seats – Dan Horning and Robert Steele – have received 1,176,275 and 1,176,256 votes, respectively, according to the Secretary of State’s posting.

In Washtenaw County, Bernstein and Diggs won a decisive majority. Bernstein got 105,953 in Washtenaw County, or 33.47% of the vote, while Diggs received 95,184 votes (30.07%). Republicans Horning and Steele got 47,555 votes (15.02%) and 48,129 votes (15.2%), respectively.