West Park

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Tour of West Park at dusk. Inventory includes Peepside Apartments [photo 1], a mother duck sitting on some ducklings [photo 2] a frog [photo 3], an apparent replacement of the shuffleboard court with a petanque court [photo 4], and a notice of the upcoming city tennis tournament at the tennis courts [photo 5].

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One Comment

  1. By George Hammond
    June 9, 2014 at 2:29 pm | permalink

    Peepside Apartments is a house for purple martins, relatives of swallows. It hasn’t been opened in years though. :(

    The frog is a Green Frog, a recent arrival. The toads colonized the pond just as soon as it was built, and there are massive schools of toad tadpoles in the pond this year.

    You seem to have missed the goldfish (dumped from aquaria) and the muskrats (apparently arrived via storm drains)