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Street Closing Authorizations: Upcoming Events

The closing of Ann Arbor streets for special events requires approval from the city council. So city council action on street closings can provide a window into upcoming special events in Ann Arbor. They’re grouped together on the council’s consent agenda, so they are not mentioned explicitly at council meetings unless a councilmember pulls out an event for separate consideration.
At its March 17, 2014 meeting, the council approved street closings for seven different events that will take place over the next three months.

City Place Delayed, Downtown Plan OKed

Ann Arbor City Council meeting (June 15, 2009): The council covered a lot of ground at its Monday night meeting, much of it related to streets and transportation. Besides dealing with a raft of garden-variety street closings that generated some unexpected “controversy,” the council put in place a plan to delay the installation of some parking meters in near downtown neighborhoods, launched a safety campaign, and funded a bike path, pedestrian amenities and the city’s portion of a north-south connector feasibility study.

But it wasn’t the bike path that drew more than 20 people to speak at a public hearing. That turnout was for the adoption of the Downtown Plan. It was ultimately adopted as amended by the city’s planning commission so that the D2 buffer in the South University area is a small area in the southeast corner.

The expected vote on the City Place project along Fifth Avenue was delayed again after additional technical errors by planning staff were discovered related to the planning commission’s April meeting. That project will now start over with the planning commission public hearing.

Audience members who waited until the end of the long meeting heard Mayor John Hieftje appoint a subcommittee of councilmembers to meet with the DDA’s “mutually beneficial” committee to discuss the parking agreement between the city and the DDA.  In the discussion after the jump, we provide a record produced in the preliminary response to a Chronicle FOIA, which dates the renegotiation of the parking agreement to as early as September 2008 and connects it to discussions between the mayor and a candidate for the DDA board, Keith Orr, who was eventually appointed to the board.  The record shows that his appointment was not contingent on a commitment to a particular vote on the parking agreement. [Full Story]

Monroe Street Fair: Temporary Street Closing

Inadvertently omitted from the report on the last city council meeting was a resolution authorizing the closing of Monroe Street between Oakland and Tappan Avenue for the Monroe Street Fair. The fair takes place from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 4, 2009. This is a section of the street that runs directly in front of Dominick’s. [Full Story]