Mayoral Candidates: Plourde and Hieftje

Candidates respond to questions from LWV

In a taping that was broadcast live from CTN studios on Tuesday night, John Hieftje and Eric Plourde, the two candidates for mayor of the city of Ann Arbor in November’s general election, answered questions posed by the League of Women Voters. In the studio audience were a colleague of Plourde’s, a Michigan Daily reporter, a photog, and The Chronicle.

Here’s an outline of the broadcast content, which can be viewed on CTN at multiple times before the election, or via the video on the CTN website.

  • Opening Statements
  • Question: What leadership qualities do you bring to the office of mayor and how would you use them to make the city a better place to live?
  • Question: What is your vision for the city of Ann Arbor five years from now?
  • Question: Given the recent neighborhood objections to a project known as 601 S. Forest, should the city reinstate a cap on building heights?
  • Question: Some of the residents who live in the Lower Town area of Ann Arbor have objected to the extensive development the university on land it owns in that area. What role should the city play in this controversy?
  • Question: In these challenging financial times, all cities are facing challenging budget decisions. If you were elected, what would be your fiscal priorities for the city?
  • Closing Statements

Because there’s plenty of time before the election for readers of The Chronicle to view the candidates’ responses, we’re not summarizing the content of the candidate’s reponses. If you look around this online newspaper site, you’ll see it’s all about watches. So, c’mon – it’s only a half hour of your time – go ahead and watch. Comments are open.