Ward 5 Candidates: Hohnke and Floyd

Candidates respond to questions from LWV

In a taping that was broadcast live from CTN studios Tuesday night, John Floyd and Carsten Hohnke, the two candidates for Ward 5 representative to city council in the November general election, answered questions posed by the League of Women Voters. In the pre-event visual checks, light banter between the candidates and the League raised the specter of more ominous signs than the one reading “Stop,” which indicated their speaking turn was over.

Here’s an outline of the broadcast content, which can be viewed on CTN at multiple times before the election, or via the video on CTN’s website.

  • Opening Statements
  • Question: Thinking of neighborhoods, what are the unique qualities of your ward? Does it have good parks, a sense of community with the schools, are there issues that need to be addressed within your ward?
  • Question: The greenway has generated a lot of interest among citizens and the city owns three pieces of property that fall within the proposed greenway. What use do you think should be made of those three properties that the city owns and do you think that the greenway is a feasible project?
  • Question: Given the recent neighborhood objections to a project known as 601 S. Forest, should the city reinstate a cap on building heights?
  • Question: In these challenging financial times, all cities are facing challenging budget decisions. If you were elected, what would be your fiscal priorities for the city?
  • Question: As people are increasingly looking to public transportation, are there things the city can do to make the AATA more attractive to potential riders, and do you support additional forms of public transportation?
  • Closing Statements

Because there’s plenty of time before the election for readers of The Chronicle to view the candidates’ answers, we’re not summarizing the content of their responses. If you look around this online newspaper site, you’ll see it’s all about watches. So, c’mon – it’s only a half hour of your time – go ahead and watch. Comments are open.

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  1. By Bob Martel
    October 17, 2008 at 6:15 pm | permalink

    Hi Dave!

    I saw you at the Ward 5 candidate forum (I sat next to you but did not introduce myself so as not to intrude on your concentration!) I’m sorry that you did not hang around for the WCC Trustee portion ;( Perhaps next time?

    Bob Martel

  2. By Dave Askins
    October 17, 2008 at 6:57 pm | permalink

    Bob Martel wrote: “… as not to intrude on your concentration!”

    Thanks … what I was focused on was not allowing the tickle in my flaming sore throat to erupt into a cough that would have allowed my head full of snot to shower the room in phlegm.

    Plans for coverage originally included staying through the WCC trustee debates, but I packed it in early, because I felt like I’d exhausted my powers of concentration. So in that regard, I probably did you plus the other five candidates for WWC trustee a favor. ;-)

    “Perhaps next time?”

    You bet.