HD’s Totter Watch: Ward 5

John Floyd joins HD on the totter

There’s an Open Totter policy for Teeter Talk, which means that I’ll pretty much totter with anyone who’s willing. When political candidates totter during an election, I try to make sure that there’s equal opportunity for tottering all around.

Having tottered with Carsten Hohnke back in September, it was thus fitting and proper that I took a turn with John Floyd a couple of weeks ago. While I’m satisfied to have tottered with both Ward 5 city council candidates before Election Day, I’d like to extend my apologies to readers for not turning around the transcript for John’s Talk in a more timely fashion. As a way of partly compensating for the delay, that Talk includes a rare departure from the usual text-only practice: some bonus audio of John’s fiddle playing right there on the teeter totter.

Note: As a matter of practice, Teeter Talk has never endorsed candidates for political office, and The Ann Arbor Chronicle continues this approach. For additional information on the two candidates, visit their websites:

Carsten Hohnke’s campaign website

John Floyd’s campaign website