Dining out: Seven Stops for SOS

Fundraiser benefited homeless

Datestamp of our adventure, which started aboard the 446 AATA bus on Route 4. No smoking, no hot dogs, or other buses (?) allowed on board.

As we reported last week, SOS Community Services was to embark on a fundraising effort on Nov. 21-22: Dine Out to Help the Homeless. Seven different area bars and restaurants participated. On Saturday, we visited them all.

Transportation to Ypsilanti and back was provided by the AATA bus system. We observed a lot along the way to make some donations for the cause, including a guy we pegged as a graduate student in some liberal arts field who was having trouble finding change for the bus, because his coin purse was still filled with a mix of Turkish lira from a trip to Turkey … this past summer. We donated a dollar to his cause as well. The last thing the AATA needs is a bunch of lira in their farebox.

Here’s some photographs we took along the journey. They’re organized thematically, not chronologically.

The way to Ypsilanti

Bus 446 departed Blake Transit Center right on time. After looping through the UM hospitals, we had around 16 people on board when we hit the intersection of Washtenaw and Stadium, headed east towards Ypsi.

Ypsi-Arbor Bowl is a landmark that lets you know you're nearing Ypsilanti.

Staff we met

Geoff E. at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti.

The guy tending bar at The Arena in Ann Arbor asked Jessica T. to substitute, saying that she was more photogenic.

Blue Tractor hostess Adrianna D. was smiles all around for the SOS fundraiser.

Arbor Brewing's SOS Dine Out for the Homeless sign was taped smack in the middle of the front door.

Beer identification test


Beer 1: Name the establishment and the beer for bragging rights.

Beer 2: Name the establishment and the beer for bragging rights.

Beer 3: Name the establishment and the beer for bragging rights. Here's a hint if you don't recognize the logo on the coaster: it's Tammy P. in the background.

Beer 4: Name the establishment and the beer for bragging rights.

Owners we met

Co-owner of the Corner Brewery, Matt Greff, stopped by for a chat.

Owner of the Side Track, Linda French.

Co-owner of The Old Town Tavern, Chris Pawlicki, wearing his SOS Dine Out for the Homeless button, takes us back 10 years to Ms. Morissette: "I got one hand in my pocket, ..."

Pretty Scenery

Washington Street at Fifth Avenue looking west. Blue Tractor and The Arena were two stops along the way, as well as Arbor Brewing, across from the lighted tower of the parking structure.

Tending bar at the Corner Brewery is all about the extension and the follow-through.

It's actually where we started, not where we finshed, but the folks from BikeYpsi.org concluded one of their fall events here at the Corner Brewery.


  1. November 24, 2008 at 7:52 am | permalink

    I’ll bite:

    1. a Snapper at the Corner
    2. a lager-y something at the Blue Tractor
    3. a Baltic Porter at Grizzly Peak
    4. and a Bells Amber at the Old Town?

  2. By Dave Askins
    November 24, 2008 at 9:37 am | permalink

    In Comment [1] Callow has the names of all the establishments correct, plus the Snapper at the Corner correctly identified.

    The other three are still open questions.

    A hint for the Blue Tractor offering: it could have been named after me.

  3. By Mark
    November 25, 2008 at 2:54 pm | permalink

    I didn’t expect to run into you here, Matt… How’s life in Ann Arbor treating you?