A2: Newshawk Report

The Ann Arbor Newshawks have posted another hard-charging video report, featuring an investigative segment on plans to expand bike lanes in Ann Arbor, titled “Let the Workday Begin, I’ve Arrived on My Schwinn.” The report includes a commercial for the Ann Arbor News, “resized for the 21st century” into a streamlined one-column format that still retains all the qualities you’ve come to love in the newspaper (ink-smudged hands, readable in 2-3 minutes). You’ll also see how the paper can be recycled in an innovative, environmentally friendly way. As a comment posted after the video states, “In this era of glossy journalistic professionalism, it is so refreshing to see unrehearsed and amateur crap. Our town today is a much better place. We owe so much to these guys!” [Source]